Thiessen Artworks is a multi-disciplinary studio that creates commissioned metalwork, commercial machining, and tailored artwork for it's clients that range from collectors to commercial vendors. The studio has a diverse range of skills and processes that can be applied to any client project. Work has included, but is not limited to, repousse artwork, medieval collectors items, commercial signage, wine racks, candle holders, railings, fencing and custom gates, and more.


how passion

becomes business


" Thiessen Artworks began in 2009 born from a sermon. The pastor talked about the parable of the ten talents and at the end of the service gave everyone $10 and told them to use their talents to multiply the money and then bring it back to church. So I drew a picture of my grandfather's Super W6 tractor and
used the $10 to make prints of it which I put for sale
in my father’s shop. People who saw the picture commissioned me to draw others and soon I had became a professional artist. Around the same time I had begun taking blacksmithing from my interest in the medieval arts. As both sides of my profession grew they started to blend together, where I spent my effort exploring the techniques of my trade and the vision of my artwork."

- Tyler Thiessen, Owner