Each uniquely designed and handcrafted, these signature pieces are a blend of an artist's imagination and a blacksmith's skill set. This curated collection showcases a variety of metalwork that highlights the many processes and subject matter that can be found at the Thiessen Artworks studio.


lamp post tree


This tree was carefully fused together from multiple pieces of heavy wall steel tubing. Once the desired shape was achieved texture was added by partially cutting into the steel with a plasma cutter. For added character steel vines (textured with the same method as the tree) were added. The tree was left with a rustic steel finish and clear coated.  The two wire framed lights and a couple of stragically hidden lights in the trunks allow for this tree to really light up up the walk way and driveway



Commonly used in the European dark ages the Spangenhelm is known for its use of riveted plates that form the shape of the helmet. This specific design has been altered to include design references from Greek Corinthian helmets seen in the longer cheek guards and larger eye sockets. As well this design includes a laminated neck guard and together this with the altered cheek guards offer enhanced visibility and manoeuvrability.

repousse: bobba fett


A blend of relief art, painting, and science fiction, this piece pays homage to the brutal rouge in a befitting medium. Patiently chiselled and hammered, this piece uses malleable sheet metal that is mounted on a solid metal frame. To capture the roughness of the character, several techniques were used from sandblasting paint away, to scaring the frame with a cutting torch, to actual rifle dents. This, along with torching the metal to draw out the temper colours, culminated into a striking look at a battered bounty hunter.

repousse: vader


A villain that needs no introduction. This repousse is the second in the Star Wars collection and can be noted for the matte finished background that frames the Sith's mask. To separate the subject matter from the background without paint was a tricky experiment, but the resulting cloudy effect lets Vader come forward in his sinister yet contemplative look. 

repousse: the 501st


The third in the Star Wars collection this repousse continued the exploration of relief art and pop culture portraiture. This piece uses extended mounting rivets to let the piece have the same dimensional form as a real helmet. This takes the two dimensional form of wall art and melds it together with the third dimension of the subject, as though the trooper was stepping through the frame and onto the battlefield. 


a rose so heavy


Whoever said metal couldn't be romantic. This piece explores the organic shape of the rose and the delicate work put into each part. Through a painstaking process this flower is formed in pieces and assembled with steady hands. Then it is onto painting. An alternative black finish is achieved by heating the flower and covering in a thin layer of bees wax to protect from rusting. 

crown tea light holder


This tea light holder is a great example of repurposing a simple object and seeing the beauty in its functional form. The beautifully cut groves of the gear go from being a discarded part of tractor into a striking centrepiece. Created using a crown gear, curling round bar is welded to the interior grove to continue the circular pattern of the piece.

Coated with a clear lacquer to prevent rusting

15th century finger gauntlets


A pair of traditional 15th century finger gauntlets with a modern twist. While the form follows the traditional design the fingers are modelled after the work of Ngila Dickson's Ring Wraith from the film of J. R. R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. While not suitable for combat these pointed links form a cruel, but beautiful design. Additional alterations such as veining on the forearm cuffs, and an elbow spike were added to continue the malevolent style. 

windy ridge signage


Windy Ridge Farms approached the studio to create a custom sign that would embody the wholesome and hard working ethos of the farm. Incorporating their brand, the signs design incorporates the growing roots of their tree logo that winds outward to create the flanking word mark. The structure of the sign was created to integrate a waterfall component that was installed after its construction. The signs material, 1" solid square bar, was used to allow the sign to rust over time, matching its base (a repurposed wagon bed) but still maintain its structural integrity. 

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